Morrisey, Shinn and Varga Aircraft

Maintenance Documents and Information

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Note:  This page is supplied for EDUCATIONAL and REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY !! !
            Most of the information here should be up to date... BUT when performing maintenance or verifying
            airworthiness you must always refer to current approved data from the F.A.A. , the Aircraft Manufacturer
            or the manufacturer of the item in question.


The Morrisey, Shinn and Varga are very easy aircraft to maintain due to the design of it's rather simple structure.  Most inspection and maintenance items for these aircraft and their engines are similar to what you would expect to find on most small single engine light aircraft.  
     However, there are several items that need special attention on there aircraft.  These items are of special significance because either the system or part is unique to these aircraft or the fact that replacement parts are no longer available.


The following documents are currently available:


A.D. Notes

Detailed Factory Inspection Check List

Lubrication Chart

Landing gear inspection and maintenance

Fuel system inspection and maintenance

News Letter Maintenance Items






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