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VG-21 Squadron Information

   The VG-21 Squadron is the organization of owners, pilots and friends of the Morrisey, Shinn and Varga aircraft.  The organization is currently run by Max Bishop, former Engineering Manager at Varga Aircraft . He publishes the VG-21 newsletter several times a year which provides the members a wealth of information about maintaining and operating their aircraft.

The current dues are $20.00 per year.  Max can also provide reprints of past newsletters for a nominal fee.

For more information on these great aircraft or to join the VG-21 Squadron contact Max Bishop at: 

Max Bishop
2062 W. Gila Lane
Chandler, AZ 85224

(480) 786-3578 [home]
(480) 201-6553 [cell]

Email Max Here

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VG-21 Squadron Web Site

History of the VG-21 Squadron.  By Lee Beery

   Pat Beery (Lee's wife) got her license in 1986 (an old, grandmother at the time) and eight months later, purchased N5062V, the first Varga built.  Because a few Vargas and a Shinn made their home in the San Francisco Bay Area, she decided to research the mailing addresses of their owners, contact them, and schedule a first-ever Varga/Shinn fly-in in 1990.  Eight airplanes flew to Watts-Woodland and the club was off and running.

   The purpose of the club was to do our best to maintain longevity  of the aircraft with social coming in second.  To this end, a Maintenance Seminar was held each year plus several fly-in social meetings.  All members were supportive of this and provided many maintenance tips not covered in the Maintenance Manual.  Periodic newsletters were produced covering social events and maintenance items.
In 1995, suffering from a severe case of "Burn Out", Max Bishop agreed to take over.  His Varga background is mind-boggling , having been in Quality Control and Acting Engineering Manager at Varga Aircraft Co. for many years.  In the meantime, having started with eight members in 1990, the club has grown to about 100.  Pat and Max must have done something right!

How VG-21 Squadron got it's name.  By Lee Beery

    When we were an 8-member  strong group (our first fly-in), Janis Wild suggested we call ourselves the "VG-21 Squadron."  Every aircraft in the world has a "type" designator number.  The prominent types are easy to figure out, such as a Cessna 150 is a C-150.  She knew that VG-21 is the FAA's ATC aircraft type designator code for all Morriseys, Shinns and Vargas.  Our daughter, Karen, who worked at the Oakland ATC Center at the time, provided us with additional information on how these type codes help controllers.  For example, if you were to contact Denver Center and give them your aircraft make and "N" number, more than likely the controller will not know what a Varga is and will ask you to "Say type".  When you respond that you are a Victor Gulf Twenty One, the controller inputs that info into his/her computer which instantly gives the controller information as to the type of aircraft (land, seaplane, amphibian, helicopter), type of engine, number of engines, weight, speed, climb and descend rates.


Special Note:

The current I.C.A.O. (International Civil Aviation Organization) Aircraft Type Designator for these aircraft is: MOR2

I.C.A.O. web site:

I.C.A.O. Aircraft Type Designator web page:

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